Bellota-Bellota® and Byzance®

Bellota-Bellota®, and Byzance®, more than exceptional products… An art of living!

Founded in 1995, the two brands are, from their origin, dedicated to the selection of exceptional products. Two universes to discover: Bellota-Bellota®, dedicated to Iberian gastronomy, and Byzance®, specialist in gourmet seafood products (salmon, caviar, tarama...).

Our mission: to share our discoveries and thrill your taste buds around the world. This takes shape, every day, in the 22 sales and tasting counters around a versatile concept: combining in the same place, on-site tasting and take-away sales. A project that is also part of a Wholesale approach with a clientele of fine grocers, palaces, restaurateurs, artisans in the food trades... We believe in the culture of service and the pleasure of pleasing. Welcome to our world...